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2.5. Running the Software

After you have successfully installed the software onto your computer, you are ready to run the software for the first time.

If you installed this software onto a computer that is running Microsoft Windows XP or earlier, you would have been prompted to run the software after the installation process. If running Microsoft Vista or Windows 7,8, it does not run the software after the install.

To run the software, you have two options. If a shortcut was placed onto your desktop, you can run the software by dbl-clicking on the icon called Black Hole Organizer.

If a shortcut was not installed, or if you do not want to run it from the shortcut, you can run it via the Windows program menu. Click on the Start Button (XP) or the Vista Start button (Vista) or the Windows Start Orb (Windows 7) which is located at the bottom left corner of the desktop screen. This will activate the Program menu system. Then you need to click on All Programs, then Black Hole Organizer folder, then click Black Hole Organizer.

This will launch the software.

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