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7.19. Setup to use Outlook 365 email client to send emails?

If you are using Outlook 365 email client and need to send the BOL's out via this client, you will need to setup the BOL system to send the BOL pdf to the Outlook 365 Send folder so it can be emailed out to the customer.

Microsoft has changed the communication link (MAPI) that allows for sending emails out via their client and we have had to make a change to allow this to happen from within the BOL software.

You will first need to know if your Outlook 365 version that is installed is a 32bit or 64 bit application.  To find this out, run your Outlook 365.  Click on the File menu, then Office Account.  You will see a button that states — About Outlook.  Click on that button.  It should state whether it is a 32bit or 64 bit application.

Then you can proceed with setting the options in the BOL to be able to communicate with Outlook to send the email to it. 

First run the Star Bill of Lading application.  Click on the Setup menu, and Displayed/Options Fields menu.

This will display the Displayed/Options Settings screen.

Click on the System Settings Tab to display System Settings options.

Then make sure you click on the Use MAPI email instead of BOL system default?, and the Use Outlook 365 Mail Client.

If you have the 32 bit version of Outlook 365 that you checked earlier, then you should be able to click the Close button and you are done with this step.

If you have the 64 bit version of Outlook 365, then you will need to register the 64 bit Mapi COM Server so you can communicate with Outlook 365.  This can be done from the Help menu on this screen and select Register 64 bit Mapi Com Server.  Now, you must be an Administrator on this machine to be able to Register this, so if you have issues, please contact your Network Administrator for access to run this option.

After this has been completed you can click the Close button.

Now the link should be setup.

When you click the Print option from the Main screen, then Email Bill, it will send the created PDF addressed to the email you entered directly to the Send folder in Outlook 365 and will be sent to the recipient during the normal send email processing.  If Outlook 365 is not open, then it will send when you open the Outlook 365 application and processes it's normal send routine.

To setup or change the actual email Subject and Body of the email, you need to create or change the email content under the email setup screen.

To access this, from the main screen, click on the Setup menu again, then Email System Setup.

You can change the Email Subject, Email Message Part 1, and Part 2 to create a customized email that will be used when sending the emails to your recipient.  There is more information about this and the fields used and and example under the Email Setup link here.

That is the extent of setting up the BOL system to email using Outlook 365.  If you have any questions, please browse through the Knowledge Books or contact our Help Desk for more instructions.

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