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7.20. Print to a PDF file.

You can print your bills to a PDF file that can be used to send via email or storage, whatever you choose to do with it. To turn this option on in the program, run the program. Click on Setup, then Displayed /Options Fields.

This will display the different options in the program. Under the Display Settings Tab, check the box next to where it says - Display Print 2 PDF Button.

Then click on the Close button.  Exit the program and restart.

When you click on the Print Button to print a bill, you will be displayed the option to either Print, or Print 2 PDF.

If you select the Print 2 PDF option in version 11 of the BOL software, you will need to select a save location. Our example is a folder we created called Star Bills PDF. Click Open.

Then click Save.

If you are running an earlier version of the BOL program, you will be displayed the Printer Dialog screen seen below, just as you would to print the bill.

The difference is, at the bottom of the screen there is a check mark stating Print to File, and there is a Type specified as PDF File. Then click the ellipsis, where you name and save the PDF file. You can then use that file to send via email or whatever else you may wish to do with it.


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