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3.6. SAP ADS C/S Software Registration Instructions

When you purchase the SAP Advantage Database C/S software you will receive a Serial Number, and a Validation/Authorization code that needs to be placed in the SAP ADS Server Software application to inform the software it is now a registered version.  Here are the instructions to perform this task.

We are going to assume you have already installed the software and it is up and running under the Evaluation Mode.

1. Open your Windows File Explorer on your Workstation or Server where the SAP ADS C/S Software is installed.  Browse over to the folder that the software is installed on. Probably - C:\Program Files\Advantage 12.x\Server
Or, could be C:\Program Files (x86)\Advantage 12.x\Server (if using 32 bit version)

Locate the file called - adsstamp.exe and dbl-click on it to run it.

2. After it runs, you will be display the following screen.

3. Click on the License button displayed on the screen. You will then be display the following screen.

4. Now key in the Serial Number and Validation Code that you were given.  Click Next and you can then close out the screen.  The software should now be registered.

If you still receive an error - Error 7046: Evaluation period expired. AxServerConnect., then I would suggest uninstalling the ADS server software and re-installing and trying the registration process again.


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