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3.5. Advantage Database C/S Installation Information

The ADS C/S (Advantage Database Software Client Server Software) is the relational database management system (RDMS) solution that is needed if you choose to run the Star Bill of Lading software in a Terminal Services or C/S environment.

This RDMS software product is offered by SAP, a leader in RDMS software products and solutions.

A free 30 day trial evaluation is available for download via the SAP web site at: SAP ADS C/S Evaluation Download Site

Or, you can download the installation files here: SAP ADS C/S Download links via

If you need to run our BOL software in one of these environments or need a solution to speed up the data processing of a shared environment, you need to run this DB solution.

The reasons you need this software product is because our base package of the Star Bill of Lading software comes with a multi-user copy of their Local Database Server, which is installed on the workstation that the BOL software is installed on.  This handles all the data processing of the BOL software but on a Local Level, which is fine for Single User Installations and some Multi-User Installations if the data processing is at a minimum because each data transaction is processed at the local level (on the workstation) and if the database location is local, everything runs smoothly and quickly.  But if you are running the BOL and accessing the data on a File Server, each transaction that is called is accessed and processed on the local level, and the time to access each data record of each data file, takes time to pass this information back and forth between the workstation and server.  So it is much slower to run if you have a lot of data to lookup and process, or if you have multiple users accessing the data at one time.  So this software moves the processing to the Server level or data location level, which is exponentially faster.  It is also required if running in a Terminal Services environment as this restriction is placed in the software by SAP.

The only requirements needed to run the ADS C/S software is as follows:

1. The ADS C/S software needs to be installed and running on the server or shared workstation, as it runs as a service on the machine.

2. The Star Bill of Lading Data File Folder must reside on the same physical drive as the ADS C/S is installed and running on.  So, if the ADS C/S software is on the C: drive, the Star Bill of Lading data folder has to also be on the C: drive of that machine.

3. The Star Bill of Lading software can be running either on that same machine or running on the workstations pointing to the data folder location.  This is done using the Workstation Configuration Setup Utility.

That is all that needs to be done to run in these environments.  

So if it is a TS environment, or a C/S enviroment, this software product is needed.

Pricing of the ADS C/S software is based on concurrent users accessing the database at one time.  Configurations come in 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 concurrent user access.  There are more if needed, just ask. 

This software can be purchased directly from SAP or you can Call us directly at: 336-837-4850.  

SAP ADS Sales Team

The cost of the ADS C/S software is as follows:
1 user server $159
2 user server $269
3 user server $450
5 user server $650
10 user server $1240



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