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3.4. Pointing a workstation installation to the Network Stored data

If you already have one workstation pointing to the software data on a Network drive, and you need to add another workstation installation and point to the data there are a couple of options.

When you first run the software after the installation, you will be prompted to build the database for the software.  Go ahead and select Yes, and a set of files will be created locally.  You will also go through a questionaire to setup the data files for your usage.  You can skip throough all of this.  When you run the software, you should see the main screen.  Just click on the Help menu, then About..
This will show you the About screen.  Listed on this screen is the current database folder location.

Move your mouse over to this link and click on it.  It will display a pop-up menu as shown.

Select the Open/Create Database option. This will bring up a folder browser to allow you to select the folder that contains the Bill of Lading data files on your Server or shared workstation.

After selection is made, click OK.  This will tell the program that the data files are located in the selected location.  If they are not, you will be prompted to create them.  After selection is made, you will see the new location on the about screen.

You should now be sharing the data with this workstation.  Perform this task on each of the workstations you are installing the software on.


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