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3.7. Terminal Services Setup

This section is for setting up and running the Star Bill of Lading software in a Terminal Services environment.

If you are looking to run this software in a Terminal Services environment, you will need to perform a couple of tasks to make this possible.

First, you will need a purchase a copy of the Star Bill of Lading Network Edition software. Upon purchase, you will receive a copy of the registered version of the software. Now this is not the trial version that is available via our web site, it is a special download only available to customer that purchase the software. There will be a link to download it upon purchase. Or, if you purchase the software on CD or USB drive, it will be shipped with this version of the software. 

Because of this restriction, you are NOT able to run a trial of the Star Bill of Lading software in this environment.  Sorry.

Second, you will need to download and install the Advantage Database Server software onto the server/workstation that will contain the data folder for the Star Bill of Lading software.  See this topic for more information ADS Server Setup information Of course this software you can obtain a 30 day trial before purchasing.

After these tasks are completed, you should be able to log into the Terminal Server and call the Star Bill of Lading software.

You would need to purchase the SAP Advantage Database Server Software.

Here is the current price list for the SAP Advantage Database C/S Software:

2 User Server - $269.00
3 User Server - $450.00
5 User Server - $650.00
10 User Server - $1240.00
If a solution for more concurrent users are needed, please contact SAP for pricing.

If interested, you can contact SAP directly at: SAP - ADS Sales team or you can purchase this software directly from StarreSoft by calling 336-837-4850

You will need to know the max number of users that would be connecting to the software concurrently (at the same time). As there are different price points based on the number of concurrent users needed.


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