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5.5. Reminders / Alarms

After you have created a document, you can set up Black Hole Organizer to remind you to go back to the document to perform any task that may be needed or followed up on. To do this, highlight the document you wish to set up a reminder alarm for and right click then select Set Reminder.

When you choose to set a reminder alarm for a particular document this window will appear.

Click on the date and enter the time you wish to be reminded to look at this document.

For any reminder/alarm to be recognized you must check on the Monitor Document Reminders menu option. Click on Tools then Monitor Document Reminders.

If it is not enabled you will be prompted to turn this on when you set an alarm.


When the above document reminder pops up you will see all the documents that have been set up with reminders for that time period. If you do not clear a document reminder setting it will continue to appear. You can double click on a listing in the reminder window to take Black Hole Organizer directly to the document. This can be done for each document in the list. When you are done click the close button.

If you are busy when the reminder window appears but want to be reminded again soon you can hit the Snooze button. Set the number of minutes to what you need so that you can be reminded at a better time.

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