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5.6. Spell Checker

A spell checker is also included. Using LiveSpell you can see the words that you need to correct instantly as they will have a red squiggle line below them.


Right click on a misspelled word and you will be presented with a list of possible correctly spelled words.


To access the Spelling Options screen, click on Tools then Spell Check Options.

Specify the options you want to use with the spell checker here.

When you are finished making your selections, click OK.


To add other Dictionaries to the software just do the following:

You can obtain other dictionaries from here:

Just save the ones you need and unzip them into a folder of your choice or to here: C:\Program Files (x86)\BlackHole (if using W7 64bit) or C:\Program Files\BlackHole if not 64 bit.

Then in the program, just click on the Tools menu, then Spell Check Options. In the Dictionaries section, click on the locate Dictionaries and it will prompt you to browse to the folder that you stored the dictionaries in. Just select them and they will be added to the programs options.

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