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5.4. Floater

The 'Floater' is a visual box that stays on top of your desktop. You can drag/drop items to it for quick storage. It will also pop up your reminders as well as give you access to your stored links and email addresses. There are two ways you can minimize to the Floater. You can toggle Black Hole Organizer to the Floater view by clicking View then Minimize to Floater.

You can also click the As Floater button on the main Toolbar. To do so, click As Floater.

The Floater will then appear on your desktop.

By right clicking the floater you can restore it back to the manager window. Douple clicking will also restore.

You can copy information off of Web pages and easily put it into Black Hole. If you have copied text to the clipboard just put your mouse cursor over the 'hole', right-click, and you can make a document from the material in the clipboard.

You can select what folder the information will go in. If you are using and application that supports Drag and Drop, like Internet Explorer, you can simply drag your information from it over to the Black Hole and the Document Importer dialog box will open so that you can create a new document from the dragged text.

You can change the default image used in the Floater. First, find an image you wish to use. Right Click on it and select Copy. This puts it on your Clipboard (not visible). From the Tools menu you can select Capture image for floater.

This screen will appear with what you copied to the Clipboard

Click OK and this image will then automatically be assigned to your floater.

This Floater box can be resized if you want it to be larger. To do so, place your pointer onto an edge or corner of the box, the double sided arrow will appear, then left click and drag to desired size.

Black Hole Organizer will not edit the picture for you but you can load your favorite graphics package and modify as desired.

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