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5.3. Documents

Each category can have its own list of documents.

Drag and Drop

Black Hole Organizer fully supports drag and drop. You may drag any text to either the Floater or the main application.
In the main program, if you drop text onto the memopad the text will be inserted into the existing document. If you drop it onto the category list a new document will be created with the dropped text.
Dragging files to the document list or the category list will insert selected documents using the original filename as the document name. If a document already exists then an incremented number will be used. For example, if "readme.txt" file exists as a document name then the new file will become "readme.txt 1" or "readme.txt 2" until a unique name can be found.
Documents can be moved from one category to another by dragging them from the list and dropping them onto a new category.


For applications that do not support drag and drop you may wish to utilize the clipboard for transferring data to Black Hole. You can define a system level keystroke under the Options dialog. When invoked Black Hole Organizer will restore itself from a minimized state and open the document importer dialog and place the contents of the clipboard in the memo pad. You can then select a category and document name and click OK.
You can then resume whatever task you were working on previously.
If you are in the document manager you can invoke the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+Shift+V.

Document Importer

When you drag text into the Floater or the Main program, the Document Importer dialog window will appear and your copied information will be entered into the text area. 

It gives you the opportunity to modify it, give it a name and select the category it should be placed in. Also when you choose to create a document from the clipboard from one of the popup menus or using the hotkey it will appear in this window.


You can export all of the documents in a selected category by right clicking on the category. Select the Export option then select a folder to save the documents to. By default all files are saved as RTF documents. A prompt will appear asking if you would like to save them as plain TXT files.
If you only want to export a single document you need to right click on the document in the document list and choose the Save document as option. Change extension from .rft to .txt before clicking the save button and the document will be saved as a plain text file. Otherwise it will be saved as an RTF file.


You can email documents directly from Black Hole. In fact, there are two options that allow you to do this. The first requires you to have a MAPI compliant email client installed on your system. If this is not installed the MAPI option in Black Hole should be disabled. The other is to mail selected documents out using Black Hole's built-in email client.
Simply select the documents you would like to email and select the Send to menu option under the Database|Documents menu or the popup menu for the document listing. Then choose the method in which you wish to email your documents.
Selecting the MAPI method will open your own email client with a new message and fill in the contents with your selected document. You can then choose the recipient from your own address book.
Selecting the Internal E-Mail client will open a new message box. You then type in the address of the person you wish to send the message to. If you click on the button that says To: then Black Hole's address book will appear and you can check off the names you wish to send to. Watch the status bar, when it says that it is done you can close the box up.
Many hosts require you to log in before sending an email message, otherwise you may get a Relaying is prohibited error. To avoid this simply enter the user id and password in the email settings screen. At a minimum you must enter a server name to log into and your reply-to address.


Documents can be deleted either permanently or sent to your system's recycle bin. To Delete a Document, select it from the Document window then select Delete.

To toggle the recycle bin option click on Tools then General Options or Ctrl+G.

This will display the General Options dialog box. Select the Actions tab then toggle Delete to Recycle Bin to your liking.

After you have made your selection, click OK.

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