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5.2. Custom Columns

You can add Customized Columns to Black Hole Organizer and name it/them anything you wish.

Adding a Field

To add a filed, click on Database then Customize then New Column.

This will open the New user defined field dialog box.

Here you have the Field Name & Type.

Field Name: 
Enter the name you want to use for this field/column.

Field Type: 
You can specify which type of field you want to use. Selecting Options allows you to define a preset values that can go into this field.

Option Values: 
Specifies predefined values that will be used for this field.

After you have named the field and selected the Type, click OK.

Your new Column is now there.

Deleting a Field:
You can delete the field you created. Click on Database then Customize then Delete Column.

You will be presented with a list of Columns that you created. Simply select which column you wish to delete.

The column will be removed.

Updating Values

There are two ways to edit a custom field. The first is to right click on the document list and choose the Custom Fields option and then select the field you want to modify.

Once selected a dialog box will appear allowing you to enter the necessary value. The dialog box will be based on the Type that was defined when you created the column.

The second way is to put your mouse over the field you want to edit and press F2. An edit field will appear allowing you to make the changes on the screen itself.

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