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5.1. Databases


To change where your database files are stored, run the program. Click Database then Move Location.  

This will open the Select Directory window

Here you select where you would like to store your database files. After setting the location, click OK. All of your database files will be moved to the new location and Black Hole Organizer will then point to that directory.

If you have BHO set up as the Portable Edition, you can only change the folder where the data is stored, you cannot change the drive.


The fully licensed version allows you to keep your data in multiple databases. To create a new database, click File then New Database.

This will open the Create Database window.

Type in the name of the new database you wish to create. Click OK and the new data files will be created automatically.

To open an existing database, click File then Open Database. Type in the name of the database you wish to open..

If you enable the Database Toolbar you can also select a valid table from the list displayed. To enable/disable this toolbar, click View then Toolbars then click on Database to either enable or disable.


If you delete records from your database you will notice that the data file does not actually decrease in size. We will reuse these empty records on the fly as needed. If you would like to pack your database to remove any empty record placeholders you may do so by choosing the Pack option from the Database menu. Click Database then Pack Database.


You may password protect your database so that others may not access it from within Black Hole Organizer. To do this click Database then Password Protect.

This will open the Password Protect window.

If you have an existing password and would like to change it you must enter the old password in order to allow the change to take place. This will prevent someone else from coming along and changing your password while you are not around!

If you have a password and would like to remove it simply enter the old password in the first field and leave the new password fields blank. This will remove the password protection from the database.

When you are finished, click OK.

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