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1.1. Introduction

Black Hole Organizer


"black hole" (noun) (1968) : a hypothetical celestial object with a small diameter and intense gravitational field so strong that even light cannot escape from it which is believed to be created in the collapse of a very massive star" -- Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

A "black hole" is believed to pull everything into itself. Dust, cosmic debris, planets, even stars. Everything goes in, but nothing escapes. Not even light. Our definition of a Black Hole is the typical desk, with notes everywhere but you can't find anything! Like its namesake, The Black Hole Organizer will take in all of your data. Unlike the "celestial object", however, it will let you retrieve your information quickly and easily! No more shuffling papers all over your desk to find that important reminder or phone number!


Black Hole Organizer was designed to make saving and retrieving your information faster and easier. Many database and "note" programs make it difficult to get information in and out. Many of these programs reside in the taskbar or the tray, which means you have to open them up before you can enter any data. "Post-It" type notes can clutter your desktop. Other programs make you open them, use them, and close them again -- wasting time and slowing you down. The Black Hole Organizer solves these problems.

Black Hole Organizer lets you create all of the meaningful categories and sub-categories you need (like folders and subfolders on your hard drive). Sample templates are provided, for example, names and addresses. Of course, you can also create your own templates, and modify our templates to meet your needs. This saves you duplication effort and time. The program lets you set different reminder dates for every document. When your reminder date occurs, Black Hole Organizer automatically alerts you with your document.

Black Hole Organizer automatically recognizes email addresses and Web page URL's, so it's great for use on the Internet. It will let you copy text from the clipboard and quickly save it to a new document. You can drag files and drop them on the 'black hole" and instantly create a new document in a folder you specify. You can create links to files on your computer, import and export files, import and export complete categories, and more. The Black Hole Organizer also has powerful search capabilities so you can find your data FAST. It does all this and much more!

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