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Quick Start Guide

The document manager consists of 3 areas: Category, Document List, and the Document.

Black Hole Organizer allows you to create a structure that fits your needs. You can create any number of parent categories as well as any number of child categories. Child categories may also be referred to as sub-categories and parent categories may be referred to as root or main. To work in a given category you must select it with either your mouse or keyboard so that it is highlighted.

Document List
On the right is the list of documents contained in the selected category. You can sort these in any order. Add fields, or columns, to help you organize your documents if you wish as well.

The bottom window is the selected document. If you select more than one document it will be empty. By selecting a document you will load it from the database and into the editor. The document editor is a full featured tool that will allow you to create tables and format paragraphs and text with ease.

As you get proficient with Black Hole Organizer you will learn that you can merge documents, create links to other BHO documents, search for text in documents and much more!

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