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5.7. Delete the Compatibly files from W7

Open up Windows Explorer, (Not Internet Explorer).

To do this, just Right Click on the Windows Start Button and select Open Windows Explorer.  When this opens, it should show you the Libraries in the system.  On the Left hand side of the screen, click on the C: drive listed.  This should show you the contents on your C drive in the right hand side of the screen.  On the right hand side, scroll down until you find the folder ProgramData.  

If you cannot see the ProgramData folder, then follow the instructions listed on How to turn the option on to see Hidden files on your system.

Then double-click on it.  It should show you the contents on the right hand side of the folder.  Scroll down until you see the folder StarreSoft and double-click on it. This will show you the contents of this folder.  Double-click on the folder that says Star EZ Inventory.  Then double-click on the folder called data.  This will display the files that are used in the Inventory program.  Now, here is the strange part.  Look near the top of the window.  Is there a statement that says - Compatibility files?  If so, then click on that button.  It will show you another copy of files.  At this point, we need to delete these files, so just press the Ctrl and A buttons pressing the Ctrl key and holding it to select the A key.  This will highlight and select all the files.  When this is completed, just press the Delete key, and you will be prompted to verify you want to move/delete these to the recycle bin. Select Yes.  Close the screen and try running the Inventory program.

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