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5.8. Program my barcode scanner to add/remove the Enter key after a scan?

Most scanners from Motorola come from the factory pre-configured to only scan what is being read from the scanner on the barcode. You can add features to the scan such as adding the CR/LF/RETURN or Enter key to the process of the scan so that when you scan a barcode the scanner automatically sends the Enter Key at the end of the scann to the application. This will allow the user to scan one barcode after another without having to hit the Enter key on the keyboard.

To correct or to add features to the scanner, you need to get the reference guide or the product manual for your scanner. They will have barcodes in the manual to program your scanner to do different functions such as adding the Return/Enter key to the suffix of the scan. You are normally looking for the barcode in the manual that states - Data + suffix barcode. This will add the Enter key function after the barcode is read. If you need to remove the CR/LF or Enter key, just scan the the Data as is barcode.

The manufacturer's manuals provide more detailed instructions to do this along with more advanced formatting. They also have barcodes to program the scanner back to the factory settings incase you do something incorrectly. Consult your scanners manufacturer for more details.

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