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9.3. Could not convert variant of type (null) into type (double)

This error occurs when the user tries to create a new BOL without having a BOL number.

On the main screen click the setup menu--->System Shipper Setup Properties or press the F4 key from the main screen to enter the System Shipper Setup Properties screen.(shortcut)

Check the box next to Modifiable BOL# to manually key in a BOL# for each new BOL created or you can enter a value in the box next to Last BOL# ( each new BOL created, when this box is checked, will advance in progression from this starting value.)

There are also more options that allow the system to associate the BOL# . You can choose to have your BOL# print as your order#, Customer's Order#, or Carrier#. To find these options, click the Setup Options Button at the bottom of the System/Shipper Setup Properties screen or select the Setup menu on the main screen then select Displayed/Option Selections. On the System Settings Tab choose the Printed Bol# option you would like to use in the "Printed BOL# will be from" drop down box.

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