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9.2. Read Only Error - Instructions to fix

To fix the properties of the files you need to perform the following steps.

You will need to find out where the data files reside. To do this, just run the Network Workstation Setup Utility that was installed with the program. To run, just click on the Windows Start button, then Programs, Star Bill of Lading 5/6, Utilities, Network Workstation Setup Utility.

This program will display where your data files reside and are being accessed from.

You can exit this program after you know where they are.

Using Windows Explorer (Not Internet Explorer), which you can access by Right-Clicking on the Windows Start Button, then clicking on Explore. You will need to browse to the location of the files. When you have found the data files, you will need to select or click on them, then Right-Click on them, and select Properties. This will display the properties of the files. Be sure that each one is not listed or checked as Read-Only. If they are, you will need to remove this check to allow for full access to the files.

Be sure to check all the files listed.

When finished, check to see if the program runs correctly.

If this does not solve the problem, please contact your Systems Security personnel and inform of the read only problem.

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