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9.4. Error Code 5185

You must be running this software under a Terminal Services or RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) environment. Is this true? If so, this version of the software will not run because of restrictions placed by the database manufacturer SAP. If you need to be able to run under this environment, then you would need to purchase the SAP Advantage Database Server Software.

* If you can use a different remote control workstation software like Teamviewer or Remote Utilities, you can run the software fine.  Just cannot do this with Remote Desktop because of the SAP restrictions without purchasing their DB software. *

Here is the current price list for the SAP Advantage Database C/S Software:

1 User Server - $159.00
2 User Server - $269.00
3 User Server - $450.00
5 User Server - $650.00
10 User Server - $1240.00
If a solution for more concurrent users are needed, please contact SAP for pricing.

If interested, you can contact SAP directly at: SAP - ADS Sales team

You will need to know the max number of users that would be connecting to the software concurrently (at the same time).  As there are different price points based on the number of concurrent users needed.

Here is the explanation of the error code from the manufacturer.

Error 5185
Advantage Local Server connections are restricted when used from a web server, an application server, a terminal server, or any other type of middleware or server product used to access data on behalf of remote computers.
If you receive this error, it is because your application attempted to make a local server connection from one of these restricted environments.

If an application using this SOFTWARE PRODUCT is distributed to work without the Advantage Database Server (i.e., it uses the Advantage Local Server to access data), the application must act as a "client" that directly accesses and uses the data. To be specific, only computers that have the Advantage Local Server DLL loaded into memory can have access to the data that is obtained by that Advantage Local Server DLL. The application cannot act as "middleware" or as a "server" by having the data forwarded by any means to a separate computer. In other words, it is illegal to use the Advantage Local Server with a web server, an application server, a terminal server, or any other type of middleware or server product to access data on behalf of remote computers. An Advantage Database Server (a.k.a., remote server) product must be purchased and used to allow this SOFTWARE PRODUCT to access data on behalf of applications running on remote computers.

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