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4.2. Numbers Database Screen

Numbers Database Screen is used to store fax and phone numbers for easy retrieval.  Just click on the Navigator + button to add a new record.  You then key in the Sort Field, which is only used to sort the numbers database.  It does not print anywhere.  Then fill in the rest of the fields.  If you double click on one of the names/numbers it will automatically load the fax cover page with the selected information.  If you click on the close button, the same will happen.  If you do not want to pre-load the cover sheet, then click on Cancel.  It will just take you back to the main screen without any action taking place.  If you want to import/export a database from/to this database, there are options to do this on this screen under Import/Export.

Import/Export Mailing Addresses


If you have a database with addresses already entered into it, you may be able to import the data into this program.  You can import the following types of data:  Paradox files, DBase files, Text, HTML, Excel, Lotus 123, Quattro Pro, Microsoft Access, and XML files.  Just select the option by selecting Import/Export on the Fax Numbers Database screen.


You will be displayed a screen to select which type of import file layout you have to import.  Either our Default layout or the City/State/Zip type layout.  Select the type you have then click on the Import button.  This will run the Import Wizard that will allow you select and map the file you have to the fields in this program.  Then just follow the directions in the Wizard to perform the task.



If you would like to Export the data from this program you can do so by selecting the option from the Options menu to Export Addresses.  This will run the Export Wizard that will ask you what file format you wish to export to.  You have the following choices:

Paradox file, Dbase file, Text file, HTML file, Excel spreadsheet, Excel file, Word file, SYLK, DIF, Lotus 123, QuattroPro file, SQL script file, XML file, MS Access database, MS Windows clipboard, Rich Text format, SPSS format, Adobe Acrobat Document, and LDAP DataInterchange Format.

Follow the instructions in the Wizard to create your Exported file.


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