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4.1. Main Screen

 The main screen that is displayed when you first run the program is the starting point for all operations in this program.  **Please note that the example screen shown below may look different from your main screen.  We will talk about changing the default colors later.**


 Here are some of the options you are presented with on this screen.

There are buttons that allow you to perform different options.  Here is a list and definition of those options.


Backup/ Restore Data - See Backup/Restore Data Info

Preview - Previews the Fax Cover Sheet.

Print - Print the Fax Cover Sheet. You may also Print by pressing F9.

Exit - Closes and Exits the Star Fax Cover Sheet Creator program. 


Copy Entry to Numbers Database - Once the recipients information is keyed in, this option will save the information in the Numbers Database.  You may also click on the Folder button to the right of the Ext. field to perform the same action. 

Copy Entry to Notes Database -  Once you have Notes / Comments keyed into the Notes / Comments field, this option will save the information into the Notes Database for future use.  You may also click on the Notes button to the left of the Noted / Comments field to perform the same action.


Search Archived Cover Sheets - is used to display any/all archived fax cover sheets that have been saved for later retrieval.  If you double click on one of the cover sheets it will automatically load the fax cover page with the selected information. 

Spell Check - Checks for spelling mistakes in your Fax cover Sheet.  You may also check your spelling by pressing the F7 key.


System Properties - is for storing your default information.  Here you can key in different users that would be using this program so you can personalize your faxes.  You can also access the System Properties screen by pressing the F4 key.

Numbers Database - is used to storing fax phone numbers for easy retrieval.  You can also access the numbers database screen by pressing the Numbers Button or pressing the F6 key.


Notes / Comments Database -  is used for storing the Fax Cover sheet notes and comments for easy retrieval.  You can also access the Notes / Comments Database screen by pressing the F8 key.

Setup Color Schemes - Allows you to change the appearance of the Star Fax Cover Sheet Creator program.  You can change the colors of the background, data text color, screen text color, and highlight color. 

Fonts - Notes - Allows to to change the fonts in the Notes/ Comments field only.  You can change the fonts size, color, style etc.  These changes will be reflected on the printed Fax cover Sheet.

Spell Check configuration -  This allows you to change the configuration of the spell checker.  Options include Check spelling as you type, Ignore words containing numbers, etc.


Here you will find the programs help files.  You can also find a link to the StarSoft Homepage, check for program upgrades, and more.  Your version information is listed here as well by selecting About under the Help menu.

Form Selector:

You can select different Fax Cover sheet templates by selecting a form from the pull down Form Selector at the top right of the main screen.  You can also preview the different forms by clicking Options---->System Properties and clicking the Form Button to the right of the auto Save check box.



Clear Button - pressing this button will clear all the enty fields on you fax Cover Sheet.

Exit Button - Closes and Exits the Star Fax cover Sheet Creator program.


User Navigation Buttons - Pressing the arrow buttons will advance to the next user or the previous user.





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