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3.2. Adding a Logo to Print on Your Fax Cover Sheet

To add a logo to print on your Fax Cover Sheet:  Click Options---->System Properties from the menu on the main screen.

On the Maintain System Settings screen, right click on the Logo box.  If you have a .bmp that you would like to use saved to your computer Select Load .bmp Logo from file. If you had copied a .bmp onto your clipboard you can select the Paste Logo from clipboard option.  THE LOGO  MUST BE A .bmp FILE.

Once you have a .bmp Logo loaded, you can print preview your Fax Cover Sheet by exiting to the main screen, click on File---->Preview 

 If you wish to change the size of your logo, or the logo position on your Fax Cover Sheet, you can change the print sizing from the Logo Print Sizing screen.

In the Maintain System Setting screen ( see above ) Right click on the Logo box, then select the Logo Print Sizing option.


 The Maintain Logo print Size window will appear.  Here you can, if you wish, change the height and width of your logo.  You can also change the position of your logo on your Fax Cover Sheet and override the Default System Settings.  Place a check in the box next to Override Default system Settings with the following.  Next key in the values next to Top: and Left:. These fields represent the distance in inches from the top of the page and the left of the page.  Preview your changes by clicking the Preview button.   

You may reset the System Default Settings at any time by removing the check in the Override Default System Settings box. 

Click on the Close button when you are finished making your changes. 

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