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3.1. Initial Setup

There is a setup that needs to be addresses before this system is ready for processing.  When you run the program for the first time a dialog box will appear,  prompting you to key in your default information to properly use this product.  Click OK.

After you click OK, the screen displayed is the Maintain System Settings screen.  You can access this screen anytime by clicking Options---->System Properties or by pressing the F4 key.  Please note that the screen shown in this example may be a different color than your screen.  We'll talk about how to change the default colors later on.

Maintain System Settings screen: is for storing your default information.  Here you can key in different users that would be using this program so you can personalize your faxes.  Or, just key one in for all to use.  To create a new user, just click on the Navigator + button and key in the information.  You can also select one of the records to be the default user, by selecting it using the grid, or list of names.  You can change the default at anytime. We have also added a section to change the default Cover Sheet that is to be used.  We have included a few in this build, and will have more on our web site as they are developed.  

Here is a list of the fields that need to be filled in.

These fields need to be entered as you would like them to appear on the cover sheet/


User:  This is your name

Company - Company name

Address - Address

Address 2 - Second line of address

Address 3 - Third line of address

Phone - Phone number

Ext - Extension

Fax - Fax number

Email - Email address

Web site - Web site address

Auto Save - This allows the system to automatically save printed Cover Sheets

Dft Msgs - These are the Default Messages that can be checked on the Cover Sheets

Logo - This is a logo you want to appear on the cover sheets.  It must be a .bmp (bitmap) file. See Adding a Logo to Print on Your Fax Cover Sheet.


There is a Forms button, that you can click on to select a default Cover Sheet to be used.  This can also be selected on the main screen.

 When you are finished adding or editing a users information, click the check button in the navigator at the bottom of the screen to update and save the changes, then click the Close button to close the Maintain System Settings screen and exit to the main screen.

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