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7.2. Turn on Automatic Backup utility on Exit

After having Star Bill of Lading open, first click on Setup and click on Displayed/Options Fields.

The Setup Option Selection will open up. Click on System Settings near the top middle.

On this screen at the very bottom, click the box for Automatically Backup on Exit.

Now you can close this window. It will Automatically Backup your BOL files in the location where you have originally set your backup location when you close Bill of Lading.


If you have not already set a location for your backups, after you click Close, you will be presented with the Star Data System Backup/Restore window. Click on the file icon in the right of the text box if you want to change the location.

You will then be able to choose where Bill of Lading backups are stored.

You can now click save. Your files will now backup automatically whenever you close Bill of lading.

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