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7.1. How to turn on or off the Automatic Backup utility on Exit

Below are instructions on how to turn on or off the optional Auto Backup Utility.

To do this, first click on Setup and select Displayed/Options Fields.

This is the screen you will be presented with. Select the System Settings tab.

On this screen you will place a check mark in the box that says Use Backup Feature on Exit.

Click Close to save your settings. 

When you Exit the software, you will see the follow screen:

When you click Yes, you will see the next screen.

This is where you will choose a Save location. Click the folder at the end of the line. For our example, we chose the Desktop.

Once you defined a Save location, click on Save.

You will return to the Backup screen.

Click on Backup. Then Exit. 

The other option that is available on the System Settings screen is to check the box that says Automatically Backup on Exit. When checked, you will not the see the Save location screen every time you Exit. It will Save/Backup to the location you initially selected when you set it up.




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