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8.27. Backup my data files and attach to my ticket.

If you run across some issues and the Support Team asks you to backup your data files and attach them to the ticket, here are the instructions on how to do this.

Click on the Windows Start button on your desktop and browse over to Star Bill of Lading, (Utilities - if below W10), and select Backup-Restore Data Files Utility as shown.

This will run the Backup/Restore Utility.

You would then select the location of the backup file you want to create/save.

Click on the folder to select a location to store the backup files.

This will display the folder selection screen.

The best location for you to use is probably your Desktop, as it is easy to find.  However, you can use whatever location on your system you want.  After you select where you want the file to be saved to, click on the save button. You can also change the name of the zip file. If you do change it, be sure to include the suffix .zip at the end of the name.

This will take you back to the main screen of the backup utility.

 When you get back to this screen, click on Backup to perform the actual backup of the data files.

If using the Web Ticket, here are the instructions to attach a file.

Click on the Choose File button when updating your ticket.

Browse to your Desktop and select the file you just created - and click the Open Button.

This will load the file to be uploaded, and finish by clicking on the Update Request Button.


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