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7.37. Set up the bills to add a separate LBS column.

If you are required to add a separate LBS column to the Bill of Lading, you can do this by changing some of the internal settings of the program. Here are the instructions to do so if you need them.

Run the program. Your screen could resemble the one displayed below.

We are going to insert a field in the section circled called LBS.

To perform this, click on the Setup menu, then Displayed/Options Fields.  

This will bring up the Setup Options Selection screen.  Select the Field Settings tab. 

Move down to the field called User 11 Detail.  Enter the characters LBS into the field so it looks like the following screen.

Click the Close button. Re-open the Setup options screen as before using the Setup menu on the main screen.  

Select the Display Settings tab. Then check the field displayed Display/Print LBS field - Detail to activate this field.

After checking the field, click on the Close button. The main screen should now display the new field on the main screen as listed below.

When keying in your Bill detail, enter LBS into the field and it will be used to print LBS on the printed bill.


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