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7.17. How do I setup the Email system to use my Gmail account

The following information is used to setup the internal email system to use your Gmail Account.

To set up the Star Bill of Lading System to send bills via email you must perform the following setup first.

From the Main screen, click on Setup, then Displayed Options/Fields.


This will display the different setup options available. Under the Display Settings tab, put a check mark in the box that states - Display Email BOL Button.


Then click on the Tab above that states - System Settings and be sure to select the Use SSL Auth to Send Emails.


Then close this screen.

From the Main screen, click Setup, then Email System Setup. 


This will display the Email Configuration Setup screen. You need to fill in the fields displayed on the screen with your information. 


Here are the fields.

After filling out this information, this will unlock the system to allow you to send the bills via email.  The emails are sent after you click the Print button to print.  

When you want to send the bill via email, just click print for the BOL, then press the Email button.  You will be prompted for the email address to send it to.  That is about all there is to it.

If you are going to use your Gmail account to send the emails, there are options you need to perform.

Google Security restrictions
In 2019, Google implemented restrictions on 3rd party software and services accessing Gmail. To get around this you will need to use the application password method described below. 

GMail 2-step Verification - using with Star Bill of Lading
To use a Gmail account with Star Bill of Lading, where 2-step verification has been inaugurated, you simply need to create and use an application-specific password. To do this, log into your Gmail account using a web browser, then visit the following page for details on how to create an application specific password:

You then simply use the provided application-specific password in Star Bill of Lading (instead of the password you would use to log in to Gmail) with your normal Gmail address for the account in question.

After this has been completed, you should be setup to use Gmail as you email sending account.

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