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5.1. How Does the Import Wizard Work?

From the main screen, select Maintenance, Import Data, then Items.


The first screen will ask you what File Format are you importing from.  Here, you 
select Excel file.  Then click on the Next button.

This screen will ask you to select the file to import from.  Just either key in the 
file location or you can click the button to the right, to browse for the file and 
select it.  After you have selected a file, click on the Next button.

This screen can be skipped because it has to do with different Data Formats that
do not relate to this task.  So, just click on the Next button.

This screen will display some of the data in the spreadsheet. You can either select 
where this data goes into the Inventory file fields, or skip to the next screen to do it
there.  Here are the instructions to assign the data to the fields. 

Click on the Column Heading for each column.
This will display the fields in the excel file.
Select the one for each column of data you have. 
When you are done, you can click on the Next button.

This screen will display the Mappings.  Here you can assign the Columns in your Excel file 
to the fields in the Inventory file.

Just click on the Source fields, to display the Columns that are in your Excel spreadsheet

After you are done assigning the data to the fields, just click on the Next button

You will then be displayed the data assignments with the data from your Excel file.
You can click on the Back button if something does not fit right.  When satisfied with the
results, click on the Next button.

This is the last screen to actually Execute the Importing.  You can Append the data, or Copy into the file.  After this selection is completed, click on the Execute button to import the data.

This is what it will look like when the import is being performed.

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