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7.26. Purge old BOL's from the system

You can purge old Bills from the system at anytime, as long as there are no other users accessing the data files. (if you are using the network edition)

Before doing anything, make sure you have a current backup of your database.

How to Backup your DB

You can purge the data in two ways. Permanent, or Temporarily.

Permanent - will remove the selected Bills forever.

Temporary - will save the old Bills to a purge file. You can retrieve them back into the system at a later date.

To purge the old bills, run the program. Click File, then Backup/Restore Data then click Purge/Restore Old BOL's from/to System.

This will close the program and will run an external program that will walk you through the process.

It is pretty straight forward. But, please be careful as if you permanently purge, you cannot get those files back, without a system restore.

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