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10.3. Registration codes are correct.

The User Name and Registration Key that you received are correct for the version you purchased.

Here are a few things you should check.

Make sure that you copied the codes correctly. There are no letter O's in the Registration Key. They would be zeros. This is a common mistake.

Also, be sure to enter the User Name & Key exactly as received. The User Name and Key are Case Sensitive..

Check the version you installed. It must match against the information sent to you. You can check this by running the program, then clicking on the Help menu, then click on About. This will indicate the version and edition. They need to match what was purchased. Which would normally be the latest version available for download from our web site.

Check all of these options.

If after you have followed these steps and are still unable to register the program, please contact our Support Desk at for further assistance.

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