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2.2. How do I actually Download and Install this software.

Instructions to download this software.

STEP ONE: Download Star EZ Inventory.

Star EZ Inventory is distributed in a self-extracting executable file. You can download this software from our web site at 
You don't need any external programs to install and setup Star EZ Inventory on your PC, just follow the instructions below.

In these instructions we assume you are using Windows XP, NT, Vista or Windows 7.

Once you arrive at the site listed above, you will click the download button for the version you require. Either the (SE) Single User Edition or the (NE) Network Edition. After you do this: 

With Internet Explorer, a dialog box will appear asking you to either Run, Save or Cancel. 

With Firefox, it will ask to Save or Cancel. 

The best option is to save the file. Then it may ask where to save the file. The default that pops up is the best and safest option. Then select Save.

STEP TWO: Install Star EZ Inventory

Once you have downloaded Star EZ Inventory software, you are ready to install it. After the download is finished, the dialog box will say Download Complete. From here you will select Run (Internet Explorer) or Double Click the downloaded file (Firefox). 

This will open up the installation dialog box. Just follow the instructions. During the installation, you will be prompted to accept the license agreement, along with other information needed to perform the installation.  When the program is finished installing, and you are running Windows XP or earlier, you will be prompted to run the software.  If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7, the installation program will close and you will be finished with the install.

You are ready to run the software. An Icon should have been placed on your desktop. Simply double click and the software will run.


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