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7.28. Restore the data files

You can run a restore of the data files at anytime as long as there is nobody in the program(if using the Network Edition).  And of course that you have previously already backup up the data to a zip file.  The program will restore the zip file of all your data files.  To perform this operation just follow the steps below.

1.  From the Windows Start menu, under All Programs, Star Bill of Lading, Utilities, Backup/Restore Data Files Utility.

If running from the program, click on the File, then Backup/Restore Data, then Restore Previously Saved Data from Archives.

This will run the Backup.Restore Utility.

You would then select the location of the already backed up zip file you want to restore.

Click on the folder to select the location of the previously saved backup.

This will display the folder selection screen.

After you select the file you want to restore, just click the save button.

This will take you back to the main screen of the backup utility.

When you get back to this screen, just click on the Restore Button to perform the actual Restore of the data files.

You may or may not see the following screen prompt.
You will then be promted to overwrite the current files on your system. Select Yes to All. This will allow the program to overwrite all the files that are currently on your system.

When finished, it will return to this screen.  

Just click on the Exit button.


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