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6.18. Batch Printing BOL's / Shipping Labels

Bill of Ladings can be batch printed along with the shipping labels if you use the 4x6 or 4x3 labels in the system.  If you would like the system to print off your BOL's along with also printing the associated shipping labels you will need to setup a few things in the system to perform this task.  First, you need to turn on the option in the Setup Options and turn on the Auto Print 4x6 (or 4x3) Labels during Batch Print by clicking on and checking the option. As shown on the screen below..


Then you need to decide how many shipping labels you would like to print during the batch printing.  You have two options to choose from.  First, there is an option listed as Print Batch Labels using # of Detail Lines.  If you do not select this option, then the system will print a label for each of the Total QTY of items listed on the bill.  So, if you have 300 boxes or whatever as the total QTY, then it will print 300 labels for that bill. If you choose this option, it will print a label for each number of detail lines on the bill.  So, if you have two lines of descriptions, it will print two labels and so on.


When you add a Bill to Batch and using the option for Total Qty as displayed below, it will add the Bill to the Batch for printing.


When you are finished with your Batch and want to print, you can do so by selecting the File menu, then Batch Processing, then either BOL Batch Selection, or Print Batched BOL's.


If you choose BOL Batch Selections, it will display all the Bills in the System that have not been printed yet.  It will also show the ones you selected to be Batch Printed as checked.  You can choose to add more, or deduct from the list on this screen.


This screen is where you would select or un-select bills to print.


When you close the selection screen, you will be prompted for the number of copies of the Bill as you normally would to print a BOL as shown below except the option is to Batch Print.

You will then be shown the Printer Dialog box to either select or confirm where you want to the BOL(s) to print. Then click on the OK button and your Bill(s) will be sent to print on the selected printer.

Next you will be show the Printer Dialog box for selection of the label printer, you will either select of confirm where you want to Labels to print.  Then click on the OK button and you Labels will be sent to that printer.

The system will loop through and print all the Bills and Labels you selected to Batch print.  Below is an example of the labels and if using the Piece counts, will display the number of labels as shown.  Either the total Qty of pieces or total line items as shown.

You will then return to Main Screen and the selected bills will be marked as printed as shown..








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