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6.14. Creating a Return BOL for Customer Shipping back to us.

A common option that is needed is the ability to Create a BOL that is to be sent to the Customer who is shipping product back to us on a Return.  To accomplish this task, we made it very simple procedure to allow you to create a BOL as you normally would and filling out the Consignee as who would normally be getting the shipment, but then to reverse the Shipper and Consignee you only need to check the Return BOL check box and print the BOL.  It will print the BOL as a Return BOL, and will change the Shipper and Consignee to be reversed. 

Here is what a normal BOL would look like as shown.

Here is the option on the Main Screen to check which will create is as a Return BOL.

Now the printed BOL looks like this....

As you can see the Shipper and Consignee is reversed. 

That is all there is to it.  Saves tons of time with creating new Shippers in your system for one time returns and such.

If you do not see this option on your main screen, you will need to turn it on in the System Options.  Here is how you can set it up to be displayed.  Click on the Setup menu on the main screen, then select Displayed/Options Fields.  On the Display Settings tab, there is a check box labeled - Display Print Return BOL Option.  Here is it on the screen as described..

Make sure this is checked, then click the Close button and it should now be displayed on the main screen for usage.  This option came out in version 11.00.

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