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7.13. Turn on Unit Weight calculations option.

If you would like the option to calculate the line item weights by Unit Weight, you must enable it.  Here are the instructions to perform this task.

Run the software. Click on the Setup Menu, then Displayed/Options Fields.

On the Display Settings Tab, there is a check box that says - Use Unit Weight to calculate Weight field - Detail. Click on the Box to place a Check mark in it.  Click on the Close button.  

This will Turn on the Unit Weight Field in the Line Item Detail section of the BOL entry.

The calculations for the Weight field will now be based on the Qty * Unit Weight to give the total Weight for the line item.  You can still override the Weight field by keying in a value incase you choose to add extra weight to the amount such as Tare.

This will also change the Item Description Maintenance screen to reflect the Unit Weight instead of just Weight as shown below.


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