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6.7. Add/Maintain Descriptions/Items file

This screen is used to display/maintain the Descriptions/Items file that is used in the program.  You have basic Maintenance from this screen.  You can Add, Delete, Edit, etc., using the Navigation system displayed at the bottom of the screen.  To add a record, click on the + (plus) sign.  To delete, just click on the - (minus) sign.  It is all very simple and self explanatory.  The fields that are included in this screen are as follows:


This field is used to store frequently used Descriptions, Items, etc., for the detail line items of the Bill of Lading.

This field is used to if a second description line is needed.

This field is used only for look up purposes during the entry of a Line item of the BOL.  It does not print on the Bill, but is useful if you wish to search the Descriptions/Item file by ID instead of Description/Item name.  You can set the system to search by this field on the Options Area.

The following defaults can be entered and will load as defaults when entering line items.

UM - Unit of Measure

UM2 - Unit of Measure

WEIGHT - Item weight per unit

CLASS - Class

NMFC - National Motor Freight Classification

SUB - National Motor Freight Classification Sub number

HM - Determines if this is Hazardous Material or not.  Checked means it is.

Import/Export Data
There is also an option to Import/Export data to/from an outside file.  This option is off the menu and will allow you to import/export data into/from this database file.

Just click on the option to import and follow the instructions 

See the Import/Export area for more information about this feature, along with the different file types that are supported.

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