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7.31. Move the database files to a new location.

If you need to move the database files from the current location to another, say a shared workstation or a server.  Follow these instructions.

Run the software, click on the Help menu at the top of the screen, then About..  You will see the About screen.  Click on the link that shows you the location of the current data files. as show.

When you click on the link, it will popup a menu selection to either Open or Move, select the Move option.

This will display the browse option.  Use this to browse over to a different location/workstation/server.

You can Create a new Folder to store the data files by clicking on the Make New Folder.  When the location is where you want the data files, click OK.  The program will close, and you will need to re-run.  You have moved the database.

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