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7.23. How do I Reset the screen sizing and settings, along with all internal saved settings back to original.

To Reset the screen sizing and fonts back to the original settings, or to just reset all internal saved settings, please follow these instructions.

Run the software.

You can select either option below to perform the reset.

Click on the Setup, then select - Reset All Internal Screen Settings.


Press the key combination of: Ctrl-Alt-R

After the Reset is selected, it will run the reset application.

Click the Clear Settings button to clear the internally saved settings for the software. 

This will reset the settings back to the original settings and close the program.

As of version 11.40, upon exiting the program, you will be given the opportunity to perform a backup of your database if you desire.


We have found that on some systems based on security settings, Windows will not allow this reset, as it returns an error and does not allow this reset to run.  

In these circumstances, you can run this reset manually by running the regedit program in windows.  Here are the instructions to perform this task manually.

First - Run the regedit.exe program. Type regedit into the search field next to the Windows Start button. Then select Registry Editor

 This will run the Registry Editor.  These are internal setting for Windows that keeps track of multiple settings for Windows along with your software products that are installed on the machine. You must be careful when making changes in this software as it can cause issues if you change the wrong settings. 

When the program is run, you will be displayed a screen similar to the one shown below.  You will need to scroll down to the settings as displayed - for the Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\StarreSoft\Star Bill of Lading\System key as shown at the top arrow.

When you are pointing to the System Key as displayed under Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\StarreSoft\Star Bill of Lading\System key, you can right click and select Delete.  

You will be prompted if you really want to delete it.  As long as you are on the selection that is displayed, you can go ahead and delete this key.  This will delete all the system setting for the Bill of Lading software.  


After this is completed, you can close the Registry Editor and re-run the Bill of Lading software.  When you run the software, it will re-create the settings and should be good to go.


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