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5.4. Create a New Database

To create a new database, have the software open.

Click on File and select Open/Create New Database.

You are going to navigate to C:/Users/Public/Public Documents/StarreSoft/Star EZ Inventory/data

Then you will click on Make New Folder

Name the folder and click OK.

You need to Confirm. Click Yes

The databse will now exist.

At the top of the screen it should say (ENTER YOUR COMPANY INFORMATION ON SETUP)

Click Setup and select System Options

Enter the desired information and select Close at the top of the screen.

This will take you back to the main screen and you are ready to add your inventory.

Please note that the name at the top of the screen will not chnage until you Exit the program and reopen.


To access any other Inventory Databases, click on File and Open/Create Database and select which database to open. This may take a few seconds to open depending on the size of the inventory database file.

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