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6.21. Program runs but does not show - just waits then disapears

The problem could be the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) option in the system is not allowing this to run. To correct this, follow the options below.

Windows 7
Click on the Windows Start Button.
Click on the Control Panel
Click on System and Security
Click on the System Selection
Click on the Advanced System Settings
Click on the Advanced Tab
Click on the Performance Settings
Click on the Data Execution Prevention Tab

If the option is set to Turn on DEP for all programs and services except for those I select. Then you should add Star Bill of Lading to your options. To do this just follow the options below.
Click on the Add button. Browse to the folder called Program Files, then Star Bill of Lading, then select STARBOL.exe, and click on the Open Button. Then click Apply, or OK buttons. This will add the program to the exception list. Just close the windows and try running the program again. It should execute now.

(The folder location can be either Program Files or Program Files (x86) if running a 64 bit machine)

Or, you can just change the option to Turn on DEP for Essential Windows Programs and services only. Then you will need to re-boot and everything should work for you.

Windows 10
Click on the Start Button and Key in This PC.

Right Click on This PC and Select Properties.

You then Click on Advanced system settings on the left side of the screen.

You will be displayed the System Properties screen. Click on the Advanced Tab.

Click on the Settings Button under Performance.

This will display the Performance Options.

Click on the Data Execution Prevention Tab.
If you have the Turn on DEP for all programs and sevices except those I select then you can add the program to the list.

Click on the Add button, then browse to the folder that contains the executable file - In this case - C:\Program Files(x86)\Star Bill of Lading
Then select the executable - starbol.exe
Click Open to add it to the list.
When finished select Apply and close all the windows.

If the option on the DEP screen is Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only, then you should not need to perform this.

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