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6.2. Restore the Data Files

Access the restore dialog from the File|Backup/Restore menu. Select the databases you wish to restore as well as the overwrite method to use. If you password protected your archive you will be prompted for the password during the restore process. The restore dialog always defaults to the last backup archive you saved to as well as the current data directory.

Run the program. Click File then Backup/Restore then Restore Database

This will open the Import/Restore window

On this screen you have 5 options to choose from:

  1. Restore From - Backup data file you want to restore your data from. By default, the location will be the save to location when the backup was performed.
  2. Restore To - Where do you want to restore your data to? By default, this will be where the data resides after installation.
  3. Overwrite Options - Specify how you want any existing files to be handled when extracting backup data. Prompt is the default. It will ask what you would like to do once you select OK. 
  4. Databases - A list of databases that are in this backup file. It is possible you will have only one. You may have more if you have more than one database set up.
  5. Restore Which File -Which databases to restore, either the ones that are selected or all of the ones in the list. Select an individual database file if you have multiple.

Once you have made your selctions, click OK. Your backep up/saved database will be restored. 

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