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5.4. Displayed/Options Field - System Settings

To access the System Settings tab click Setup then Displayed/Options Fields

Here is a list of the optional fields that can be displayed or turned off under the System Settings tab.

Special System Wide Settings:

Use Pre-Printed Forms - Dot-Matrix - This feature will change the printout of the Bill of Lading to format it to a pre-printed 3+ part form.  This form is available by contacting Starre Enterprises at the number on our web site -

Use Letter Size paper - If this option is checked, then the program will use Letter Sized paper (8 1/2" x 11").  If this is unchecked, then it will use Legal Sized paper (8 1/2" x 14).

Use Blank Forms - Dot-Matrix - This feature will allow you to print your BOL's to a Dot-Matrix printer on Blank Form Paper. Basically the printout is identical to our Laser printout, except there is no shaded boxes to be printed.

Also, you can change the printed BOL# on the form to display either the BOL#,  Our Order Number, Customer Order number, or the Carrier number.  If you do use the Carrier # option, be sure to allow for this field to be displayed.  Default is BOL#.

Create BOL# using System Wide# - This feature will change the way BOL numbers are created.  Normally, they are created by each shipper.  This makes all the BOL's to created to use one set of numbers and not by shipper.

Print BOL# on the form - Default is Yes, if you select No, then the BOL# will not print on the printed bill.  This would only be set to No if you are using pre-printed BOL forms.

Second are Other System wide settings:

Disable BOL Delete function - if this is checked then you will not be able to Delete any Bills in the system.

Allow User Level Status to Reset Printed BOL Status - If this is checked, then a User level login can Reset a Printed BOL status to allow for changing a bill that is already printed.

Disable the Printed BOL lock - if this is checked they the Printed BOL lock will be removed.

Use Product ID's in Bill Entry and Printing - This feature will allow you to key in the  Product ID's on the bills and it will also print on the Bills.

Use Consignee ID on Search instead of Cons Name

Reverse the standard printing of Consignee and Deliver to addresses on the BOL form

Use MAPI email instead of BOL system default - selecting this option will call your default email system to send the BOL's.  This is used on systems that cannot use our default email system because of restrictions placed by the ISP.  This way you can send the BOL's via your email system such as Outlook Express and use your email address book.

Use Outlook Mail - Selecting this option will tell the system to insert a prefix of "smtp:" in front of the email address when calling the email program.  This is used in the case that Outlook 2010 or other versions need this to resolve the email names.  Only used if you are running Outlook Mail program and the emails are not actually being sent.  This is an issue only with Outlook 2010 that we know of.

Use SSL Auth to send emails - Selecting this option will cause the program to use SSL Authentication with your ISP/Email provider like Office365 and Gmail.  This is only used when using the internal email system and not calling out to your own email client.
Loop twice on Email Command - This option is used in the instance that the MAPI email is not called correctly as on some systems, this is needed to properly run the email call.

Use Outlook 365 Mail Client - This option will allow you to send the emails out using Outlook 365 client. It will send email directly to the Outlook send box and will actually send the email during the Outlook send process.  Must have the MAPI selection selected to enable this option. Also, if using Outlook 365 64bit client, you must register the 64 bit Com server selection under the Help menu.

Allow Sales Order file import and selection/load - selecting this option will allow you to import a sales file into the system that contains sales information such as the Customer info, ect.  This will be accessible using either the F6 key or the menu option - Edit, Load Sales Order.  This option is currently under development, but is active if you want to use it to access and load Customer information when creating a BOL.  For more information about this option, you can contact our Web Support Help Desk.

Sales Order Import Option - Use Defaults if not provided - If you select this option, it will allow the system to use the defaults that are setup for each Shipper and load them into the created bill if the information is not contained in the import file.  Otherwise it will only load the imported records with what they contain.

Unlock Link between Deliver To's and Consignees

Display Deliver To, if Different fields - This option is used to turn on/off the Deliver to fields on the main screen.  If you never use these fields, you can turn them off here.

Add Quoted Amt and Handling Charges to program -  This option will display on the main BOL screen two fields for Quoted Amounts and Handling Charges.  These fields do not print on the BOL, they are there for internal usage only.

Do NOT include "PLT" UM in Total Pcs column - This option if checked will not include any items that have a UM of PLT in the total pieces column on the bill.  If unchecked, it will.  This is used for the purpose of not including Pallets in the total pieces calculations.

Canadian Dangerous Goods Usage - selecting this option will change the defaults from Hazardous Materials to Dangerous Goods.

Use Consignor's Certification SOR/2014-152 Sec. 3.61 - Selecting this option will print the Consignor's Certification statement on the bill instead of the Shipper Certification statement.

Print Standard Anti-Diversion Clause - Selecting this option will print the Standard Anti-Diversion Clause on the printed BOL.  This will not print if using pre-printed forms.

Use Password Security for Users - selecting this option will all you to setup a Users file to define 3 levels of security to access the program.  This will cause the program to display a log in when the program is run.  The three levels of security are Administrator, User, and View only.  More information can be found in the Maintain Users file.

Turn On/Office Bubble Hints - This is used to turn on/off the Bubble Hints when you move your mouse over selected areas that will display hints to their usage.

Use System Inactivity Shutdown - This option will shut down the software application after 3 hours of inactivity.

Automatically Check for Software Updates - This option when checked will check for updates when you run the software.  If unchecked, you can manually check for updates under the Help menu on the main screen.

Use Backup feature on Exit - This option when selected will prompt you to run a backup when you exit the software.  This is only available in the Single User Edition.

Automatically Backup on Exit - This option when selected along with the Use Backup feature on Exit, will automatically run the backup without prompting you to do so. It will prompt you once for the location of the backups and will create a backup using the format of bolfiles(todays date).zip  This way you will have a backup of any of the days that the software was run with any changes or additions for that day.  If you run the software multiple times per day, it will backup over the top of what was previously backed up that day.

All changes will take effect after exiting the program and restarting.


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