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7.11. How can I change the program to print a different field as the printed BOL#?

We have included a setting in the program that will allow the printed BOL# to print on a bill as a different field other than the actual System BOL#.  With this setting turned on, you can select from the following BOL fields that are in the program to be used as the printed BOL on the form. Your choices for this printed field are as follows:
1-BOL# (Default)
2-Our Order No.
3-Cust Order No.
4-Carrier No.
You can choose any one of these fields that are on the Main BOL Entry screen to be used as the actual printed BOL# on the form.

To perform this change, run the program, click on Setup then select Displayed/Options Fields.

This will display the Setup Options screen. Click on the Tab that states - System Settings. There is an option that states - Printed BOL# will be from:. This is where you would select what you wish to use. Use the drop down to make your selection.

Click on the Close button at the bottom of the screen, then close the program to save your changes and re-run the program. Now you will manually key in the selected field for each BOL and it will print that value as the BOL#.

The system still automatically will create an internal BOL#, as this is needed for the system, but the printed BOL # will be the value you have entered in the selected field.

You can also change the Heading of the field from Our Order Number to something else if you wish so you do not get confused on what this field represents. This is also on the Displayed/Options Fields screen under the Field Settings Tab.

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