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7.6. Turn on Password Security

If you want to turn on the User Security in this program, you can do so by clicking on Setup, then Displayed/Options Fields.

Under the System Settings tab, there is a check box that says - Use Password Security for Users. Check this box to turn on the Password Security.

To setup the Users and Passwords, run the program then click on Maintenance, then Maintain Users.

Here is where you setup Users and Passwords.

To add a User, click the + plus sign. Then fill in the User Name & Password fields. Then select an Access Level.

Here are the different levels of Access:

A - Administrator - Full access to all areas of the program.

U - User - Full access to non-secure areas of the program. Cannot access setup or administrative features such as User Setup.

L - Limited - Limited access to non-secure areas of the program. Cannot access setup, maintenance, or administrative features.

V - View - Very limited access. Can only view records and print reports.

Default Shipper Selection - What this field does is, when a User signs on, he/she is automatically assigned to the shipper that is selected in this record. This allows for Customers with multiple shippers to assign certain users to different shippers if desirable.

To Delete a user, highlight the user you wish to delete then click the - minus sign.

When you are finished click the √ check mark then Close.

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