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4.1. Upgrading the Single User Edition from a previous edition

To upgrade your software, follow these instructions:

1. Find out what version you are currently using. To do this, run the program, then click on Help and select About... 

This will display a window with the version number listed.

2. Then download the upgraded software and install it, or just download and install the free download as listed on our web site. 

You can download the latest version from here: Star Bill of Lading SE

3. You will find the conversion program that needs to be run after the installation of the latest version has been installed. (If you are upgrading from version 6 or newer, you do not need to run the conversion utility. The conversion is automatic.) You can select this option by clicking on the Windows Start Button, scroll to and open the Star Bill of Lading  then select Convert data from older version. 

This will run a program that will allow you to select which version you are upgrading from. 

After you have selected which version to convert from, Click Convert. You will be prompted for the folders that contain your old data and where to place the converted data. 

Normally, leave the locations alone for the Single User Edition. This will tell the program to convert the data over to the latest version. If everything is correct, then click on the Convert button.

This will take your old data and load it into the latest version database. Then click on Exit.

4. After you have upgraded to the latest version, you may be prompted for a registration key. If so, just request a new key, and we will make sure you are valid on your support license. If you are, then we will send you a new set of keys. Just key them into each workstation. If you are Not current with your support license, then you willneed to purchase the Upgrade to obtain the new codes.

One think we must mention, is if you have any data already in the latest version, this will be lost during the conversion, as the data from the previous version will overwrite everything in the latest version. We just need to mention this in case you have any data already in the latest version.

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