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2.3. When I try to download it states that the file is corrupt. What do I do?

You need to delete the file you downloaded. Then, be sure to clear the temporary files in your browser. Then try re-downloading. It should download fine and install.

If you do not know how to delete your temporary files, here are the instructions for deleting them from Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

Internet Explorer:
Run the program. Click on the Tools menu, then Internet Options. This will display the Options screen. Click on the Delete button listed under Browsing History. Then Click on the Delete File button listed under Temporary Internet Files. Then Click on Yes when prompted. Then Click Close, then OK. This will delete your temporary files from the system.

Run the program. At the top of the Firefox window, Click on the Tools menu, and Select Clear Private Data...The Clear Private Data window will open, allowing you to select which private data you want to clear. Selecting Cache should clear the file. Click on Clear Private Data Now, to clear the data; or click on Cancel, to close the Clear Private Data window, without clearing any private data.

Run the program. In the upper right corner of the Chrome screen, you will see a wrench icon. Click it and navigate to the Tools menu then click Clear browsing data. The Clear browsing data dialog screen will appear. Select which files you wish to clear. For our purposes here, you only need to check the Empty the cache box. Then click Clear browsing data. This will delete your temporary files. 

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