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10.1. I Am Getting A Paper Mismatch Error


There is a setting in the printer that will allow you to turn off the paper size mismatch. I do not know exactly where, but you can check the printer manufacturer for details on turning this off. Then the program should work fine for you.

Basically the problem is this.  Your printer has a laser that checks the size of the paper in the printer before printing.  This is because it is designed for printing photos and needs to know the exact size of the photo paper.  Because of issues with Windows, we have to actually trick the printer to print to a check on a full sheet of paper, while making all the adjustments of the print to print to fit on the defined check size.  This is how we can print to any sized check.  Now, since your printer is checking the size of the medium to print to, it is causing this error.  This error only seems to happen on printers designed to print photos.  Hope this explains the issue.

A customer wrote in with the following... On an HP 6500 - I turned off the paper sensor by selecting "plain paper" in lieu of "automatic" and it now prints without the "paper mismatch".

Another customer wrote in with the following... Change print quality to "draft", looks like it does not check the paper size on draft setting.

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