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3.5. Printer Setup

To arrive at the Printer Setup screen, from the main Screen, click Setup then Printers

This will display the Setup Options screen for your Printers. Here you will find the different settings and options. We have listed the different fields and options you have to choose from along with a description of the different settings.

There is a grid that displays the different Printers that are defined in this program. You can click on one that is displayed and the record will be selected for changes etc.

Printer Name:
This field allows you to enter a Printer Name that is used to define your Printer. If you only have one Printer that you will use to print the actual check, then I would suggest leaving it defined as Default. Otherwise, you can create a different one if needed. This is not the actual printers that are already setup in Windows, it is just here to describe the printers you plan on using the program for/with. 

Feed Direction:
Normal Facing Up/Laser
- This check box is used if your printer is a Laser Printer or for only a few other style printers.
Inverted - Upside down/InkJet - This check box is used if your printer is an Ink Jet printer.

Feeder Position:
These check boxes define where the actual feeder of the check goes.  Normally we would use the same position as where you would feed your envelopes.

Left - This check box is used if the feeder position is on the Left side of the printer.
Center - This check box is used if the feeder position is on the Center of the printer.
Right - This check box is used if the feeder position is on the Right side of the printer.

These check boxes determine the orientation of how the printer feeds the check.  Normally it would be in Landscape Feed.  If your printer needs to feed it in portrait feed, then check the appropriate box.

Display Load Check Message:
This check box if checked, will prompt you to load a check when printing. If un-checked, then when you tell the program to print a check, it will not display a message to load.

Actual System Printer Name to be used to print with:
This drop down selection box is used to the select the actual System Printer name that is connected to your computer which you will use to print the checks with. When you select the drop down button to the right, it will show you all the printers that are currently configured and connected to your computer. Just select the one that you will use. If you only have one displayed, then select that one as this is the printer that the program will use.

Feeder/Bin Selection to use:
This selection box is coordinated with the Actual System Printer Name. This will display the available bins or paper slot selections for the selected printer that you will feed the checks to be printed with. Just select one of the selections and the check will be fed using this selection. 

Menu Options:
The menu that is displayed on this screen allows you to select different options to process.  Below is a list of all the options available along with their meanings/functions.


Close - Close this screen - Returns back to Main screen.


New - This option will create a new Printer record in the system.
Delete - This option will Delete the selected Printer record from the system.


Help - This will display the programs Help file.

About - This option will display the About screen. This screen will display the version number of the program.

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